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Conditioning the Connection Between the Eyes, Mind, and Body

Details on post assessment /analysis training will vary from each athlete. Each of the vision and sensorimotor skills will be broken down and trained in various matters. After identifying the mental functions that have substantial room for

growth, the next step is to formulate a training regimen. Using a series

of cognitive conditioning tools, MEYEND will build out a plan that will:


  • Promote the development and target the growth of those specific mental functions

  • Increase an athlete’s overall performance productivity

  • Condition the decision-making processes to function more efficiently

  • Incorporate visual and sensory training into an athlete’s normal physical conditioning

Training tools include, but are not limited to:

  • Strobe training

  • Vision Optimization with contact lenses fitting / refitting, such as OrthoK

  • Traditional VT training 

  • Emerging biotechnology 




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