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Review what some of the world's leading researchers conclude on Sensory Training and  Sensory Performance Training Eyewear, as the next phase in the rise of human sports performance.
The Effect of Visual and Sensory Performance on Head Impact Biomechanics in College Football Players
Jacqueline A. Harpham, Jason P. Mihalik, Ashley C. Littleton, Barnett S. Frank, and Kevin M. Guskiewucz
Stroboscopic visual training improves information encoding in short-term memory
L. Gregory Appelbaum & Matthew S. Cain
Julia E. Schroeder & Elise F. Darling & Stephen R. Mitroff
Enhancing Ice Hockey Skills Through
Stroboscopic Visual Training
Stephen R. Mitroff , PhD; Peter Friesen, BSc, PT, PE, PGDPE, BEd, LAT, CAT(c), CMT, CSCS, PES, SCS;
Doug Bennett, MA, ATC, PES, CSCS; Herb Yoo, MS; and Alan W. Reichow, OD, MEd, FAAO
Neuroplasticity Following Anterior
Cruciate Ligament Injury:
A Framework for Visual-Motor
Training Approaches in Rehabilitation
Dustin Grooms, MEd, ATC, CSCS1 • Gregory Appelbaum, PhD2, James Onate, PhD, ATC, FNATA1
Mapping the structure of perceptual and visual–motor abilities in healthy
young adults

Lingling Wang, Kristina Krasich, Tarik Bel-Bahar,  Lauren Hughes, Stephen R. Mitroff  L. Gregory Appelbaum
Improve visual cognition through stroboscopic training
L. Gregory Appelbaum, Julia E. Schroeder, Matthew S.Cain  and Stephen R.Mitroff 
The role of visual perception measures used insports vision programmes in predicting actual game performance in Division I collegiate hockey players
Dmitri Poltavskia & David Biberdorfb
Effect of Stroboscopic Vision Training on Dynamic Visual Acuity Scores: Nike Vapor Strobe® Eyewear
Joshua Holliday
Reliability of a computer-based system for measuring visual performance skills
Graham B. Erickson, O.D., Karl Citek, O.D., Ph.D., Michelle Cove, O.D., Jennifer Wilczek, O.D., Carolyn Linster, Brendon Bjarnason, and Nathan Langemo