Senaptec Strobe Glasses

The Strobe Glasses are designed to train the connections between an individual's eyes, mind, and body. Using liquid crystal technology, the lenses flicker between clear and opaque. This process of flickering removes visual information and forces the individual to process more efficiently, the next phase in the rise of human performance.


After strobe training, the perception is that the game moves slower and you can perceive greater detail. Strobe glasses can be integrated into existing training drills and exercises. 

General charging and care instructions for your new Generation 2 Strobes:

  • The initial charge of the strobes with the included micro-USB charger should take roughly 30 minutes. You'll see the battery indicator blink from empty to full while charging and then stay solid blue once fully charged.

  • Once fully charged, the strobes will last up to 4 hours if left on continuously on a level 1 setting. 

  • The new strobes include an improvement to the control buttons which now have completely sealed electronic controls and firmware. The strobes will not be harmed by sweat or rain, but of course we recommend not exposing them to excessive amounts of water like pouring rain (or submersion or washing with water)

  • Another upgrade of the Generation 2 Strobe is a protective polycarbonate lens layer...adding impact resistance safety when training with baseballs, lacrosse balls, well as safety for use in competitive shooting training. 

  • Clean the lenses with a soft microfiber cloth available at any WalMart or comparable Optical location. Do not use soap and water on the lenses.

Training Drill Advice:

  • You should have received an email after your order with a PDF User Manual for Coaches & Trainers.  This guide has more basic care and training ideas for you to get started

  • Our best advice on strobe training is that you don't need to develop wild and elaborate training drills.  Simply add strobe "failure training" to the same individual or team drills that you would typically do in a practice session.  3-4 sessions per week of 10-15 minutes each are generally very effective!  Alternate drills with the strobes on and off for reps.  For example, hit/catch 5 balls with the strobes on then hit/catch 5 balls with the strobes off. Then change drills and do this type of cycled training for the 10-15 minute period. 

  • If you'd like more ideas of for us to elaborate, just email or call anytime!

Strobe App Download and Control:

  • Your new Generation 2 Strobes are pre-loaded with Bluetooth compatibility with the newly released Senaptec Strobe Remote app!

  • Download the Apple or Google Play version of the app on your handheld device or even a tablet.

  • Start the app on your phone, then turn on your strobe. The app should display a picture of the strobe with "connect" text next to it in white. Tap on the "connect," and you should hear an audible beep and see a blink from your you can control the strobe's typical programming plus more features within about a 15' distance from the strobes.

  • Until you get familiar with the strobes and functions, we recommend just using MODES A, B, and C.  

  • One of our favorite features is the "ALL OPEN" button to allow you to cycle reps of strobe use and not strobe use as described above without having to physically remove the eyewear.

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