The Yard is proud to collaborate with MEYEND Vision and Sensory training, which currently offers the best in sports vision training used across professional and collegiate athletics.  Since its founding in 2017, The Yard has been Lexington’s premier indoor sports facility offering the best in multipurpose fields, courts, batting cages, and equipment for athletes of all sports, ages, and skill level.


“The Yard strives to offer it’s athletes, coaches, instructors and families the very best in every aspect, which is why we’re thrilled to welcome MEYEND and its cutting-edge training,” said Nick Williams, owner of The Yard & Lexington Baseball School (LBS).

The collaboration between The Yard and MEYEND is a new beginning in how athletes train and develop their game. Sports vision training works by enhancing an athlete’s ability to see, understand, and react to movement, conditioning the connection between the eyes, mind and body.

“The collaboration between The Yard and MEYEND is something we’re very excited about. The Yard is an incredible facility that has embraced the next big thing in training, sports vision” stated Max Winebrenner, General Manager and Co-Owner of MEYEND.


About The Yard Indoor Athletic Facility and LBS

The Yard, established in 2017, is Lexington’s premier indoor athletic facility, offering recreational areas to serve a variety of sports.  We are proud to call ourselves a family-owned, family-friendly business offering a clean, safe environment for sport enthusiasts of all ages. The Yard strives to provide an opportunity for all ages and ability levels to develop their skill in a variety of sports.  Families, coaches and instructors are encouraged to rent the various recreational areas to develop their athletes both mentally and physically.


About MEYEND Sports Vision Training

Dr. Jeff Klosterman and Max Winebrenner founded MEYEND to bring sports vision and sensory performance to the forefront of athletic training. Dr. Klosterman has been immersed in the world of eye care for over 20 years, training professionals in the NFL, NBA, NASCAR, and MLS. By measuring cognitive abilities in an athlete against peers playing the same sport, MEYEND can identify strengths and areas for improvement. Training those weaknesses, will result in better perception, faster mental processing, and an increase in overall athletic output. 

For more information about The Yard or LBS visit, www.Lexington baseball


Contact: Nick Williams, The Yard & LBS Owner, (859) 246-1603