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Providing vision and wellness analysis and solutions designed to optimize the visual system for individuals of all ages across Central Kentucky. 

Featured Services

Orthokeratology (OrthoK) Non-Surgical Vision Correction 

OrthoK is a non-surgical vision correction solution for those of all ages seeking freedom from glasses & day-time contact lenses.  Enjoy LASIK type of effects without the risk of surgery!

Clinical studies prove that OrthoK deliverer unique, life changing benefits, including:

             - Greater success in sports

             - Improved learning ability

             - Reduces risk of retinal holes, tears & detachments.

Dr. Jeff Klosterman is one of the nations leading orthokeratologist. Listen to the above podcast to learn more about Dr. K and OrthoK.

Schedule your free OrthoK Consult: (859) 940 - 9003 |



Vision Performance Examination 

Optimize your visual system and overall wellness with our

Innovated, Proactive, & Concierge Style -

 Vision Performance Exam


 This annual baseline exam includes: 


               -  Visual Acuity Correction Options

               ⁃  Digital Retinal Photo Imaging

               ⁃  Macular Wellness Assessment

               ⁃  Dry-Eye Analysis

               ⁃  Cognitive Baseline Test

               ⁃  Ocular + Body Carotenoid Antioxidant Assessment 

We also include two follow-up visits as part of this wellness package, to encourage you to come back for re-assessments as you work on improving your body wellness and reducing your risk of disease.

Greater level of  carotenoid antioxidants reduce the risk of developing many diseases plus  enhances quality of  every day life and in optimizing sports performance.

Listen to the above podcast to learn more.

Schedule your Vision Performance Exam: 859-903-9003 | 



3221 Summit Square Place

Ste. 200

Lexington, KY 40509 




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